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Do you love sports? Do you love tennis? Do you want to learn to play? Do you want to compete? Join our summer tennis school in Đakovo and fulfill your wishes! Our experienced coaches will introduce you to the world of tennis, teach you the basics, and then advance your skills through matches and further training with advanced techniques. The tennis school is open to children, adults, and recreational players.

Why is tennis an ideal sport for children?

Children can start playing tennis as early as 4 years old. Experts consider tennis to be an excellent sport for children because it positively impacts the development of essential athletic and social skills.

Tennis is a complex sport that aids in the development of a child's motor skills and coordination. Like any individual, a child develops speed, agility (the ability to change direction), explosiveness (reaction speed), and physical endurance. All of these qualities can also be beneficial in other sports. Some specific skills that children learn while training in tennis include:

  • Ball catching, throwing, and hitting (directing)
  • Catching and hitting the ball while on the move - one of the greatest challenges in tennis
  • Movement rhythm - sense of rhythm (rhythmic movement) and timing (choosing the right moment)
  • Estimating ball bounce (rotation, wind) and trajectory
  • Aerobic (strength) and anaerobic (conditioning) endurance - developing both types of endurance

Promoting mental development

In addition to motor skills, mental and physical abilities are highly important in tennis. Children's concentration is stimulated through predicting the ball's trajectory and focusing on the entire game and tennis match. Since tennis is an individual sport, it also fosters the development of self-confidence, the ability to perform under pressure, and coping with success (as well as failure and disappointments!). Scientifically, it has been proven that children who learn to deal with victories and defeats are better equipped to handle various life situations in the future.

Development of social skills

Children participating in tennis training and tournaments (individual and team) make friends and spend time in a healthy environment that fosters teamwork and sportsmanship. Tennis offers opportunities for individual competitions, doubles matches, and team competitions through various school and club championships, as well as individual tournaments. By participating in tournaments, children also get to know different places and cities, which can be helpful during transitions (e.g., going to school or college).

Arguably, the greatest advantage of tennis compared to other sports is that it can be played throughout one's life, at any age. It doesn't require much - just one opponent, eliminating the need to organize a larger group of people and dealing with issues when several individuals cancel their participation (we've all encountered this problem!)."

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